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吉林11选5一定牛预测:A road in Sweden now charges electric cars as they are driving

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The stretch of electrified road extending just over one mile was developed by the consortium eRoad Arlanda which includes  a vehicle manufacturer, property developer, technology businesses and academic institutions.


The new road includes a system where the energy is transferred from vehicles via an electrified track existing on the road surface.

A connection location on the underside of the vehicle simultaneously detects when it is in close proximity and the charging process will commence.

Electric road with overhead charging infrastructure which is similar to trains and trams is being developed across Sweden and Germany. eRoadArlanda have suggested that the new system is more cost effective than overhead charging. The chairman of eRoadArlanda claims the road is the most cost effective electric road technology available.

The new infrastructure can be implemented across the automotive industry to other vehicles and heavy trucks. The current track has been developed on a road between a cargo terminal close to Stockholm’s Arlanda airport and the area of Rosersberg. A fleet of lorries which have been developed for the project are the first electric powered trucks in Sweden and are operating on the stretch of road.

As the trucs move down the road, specific lengths of track are electrified to charge each electric vehicle. The amount of energy utilised by each truck is tracked and charged to the owner.

The are several advantages of charging vehicles as they are moving in comparison to being stationary. The main advantage is creating the possibility to use smaller batteries, reducing the costs and sustainability impacts. It will also decrease the space required and costs for stationary charging facilities.

The new project was funded by the consortium and government of Sweden. The government is now looking at developing this project further across Sweden with eRoadArlanda forecasting installation costs of the rails at a figure of approximately £1.4 million per mile.

The Government are exploring and testing different technologies on other areas of public roads and are looking to procure an extended section of in the region of 25 miles.

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